Forever 21 & Fabulous




Good morning upper east side welcome to your one and only source for the scandouls lives of Manhattan’s elite. Sorry had to slide that GG reference in! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Today’s post is about Forever 21 and how to get a glamed look for cheap. So I went to the mall looking for something to wear to a good friends birthday party. And I always find myself drawn to Forever 21 for “going out clothes” they are cheap and I’m not worried about them getting messed up. But Forever 21 is a scary place especially when you’re OCD and the whole store is always a wreck! The dressing rooms smell weird, clothes are all over the ground, tons of screaming people trying to find a way out of this mad house. Needless to say it’s like entering a jungle the terrain is rough but if you hunt long enough you find good stuff. So I ended up getting the hat in the pictures above because it was so cute and I have been wanting one forever! I also fell in love with several of the purses because I feel like you can never have too many cross body purses. Especially for the summer.

My advise when shopping in Forever 21 is always look for designer dupes so basically anything that looks expensive. Like the loafers for example, I love those! And I would have gotten them but I already have a pair of Clark’s that look just like them! They are a fraction of the price and they still look great. Btw my mom was obsessed with the black flare pants I have on and they were only $5 I also got the navy blue skirt which was only $9 it’s a great place to get clothes if you’re really into trends or just entering the work force. They had tons of blazers in all different colors that would be cute to throw on overs t-shirt.

I hope I have inspired you to embrace the madness of Forever 21, Happy Hunting!


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