Ballin On A Budget


After taking a poll on instagram y’all voted  for “How to Bargain Shop” I am always hunting for great deals especially at places like TJ Max, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Ross, Tuesday Morning, Goodwill, etc. I always hear from people “Places like that overwhelm me” or “I don’t know how to shop there” or “I can never find anything good in there” and that always amazes me because that’s the first place I will go to shop before ever going to a mall or boutique. My tips for bargain shopping are simple and fun. Shopping at TJ Maxx has saved me so much money just by buying stuff I would get at other places but it’s cheaper. It’s important to understand that theses are the tips I go by, this might not work for everyone. However, I think that using theses shopping techniques anywhere are great.

1. Don’t go into the store for one specific item. This way you won’t be disappointed if you don’t find what you are looking for. Stores like this are limited to merchandise depending on the last time it was stocked.

2.  The best part is getting the “deal.”  For example I have bought several designer purses from there before. I like to google how much the bag originally cost so I can determine if I’m getting a good deal. For me it’s like a game to see how much money I’m saving.

3.  Get a route. When I go into TJ Maxx or Marshall’s I have a specific order to where I go first this way I don’t get overwhelmed. (The first department I go to is the shoes, then I go to the purses, then cosmetics, then home goods, then I make my way into clothes, then I finish off with the phone cases and tech stuff.)

4. Quality and Quantity. You can get a lot of cheap stuff or just a few good pieces. It’s up to you. I have gone in before and bought a whole outfit for $40 or bought one nice banana republic top for $35 the choice is yours. It’s important to buy something that you will actually wear or actually use. Look for trendy pieces that will go out of style that way you aren’t wasting your money on expensive trends. Also look for classics pieces that will never go out of style (designer pieces- name brands). PRO TIP: when buying clothes make sure the material is not made of cheap fabric it can get messed up in the wash.

5. Buy your everyday stuff. Beauty sponges, name brand make up, face wash, body wash, hair brushes, lotion, shampoo&conditioner, gift wrap, cards, home decorative pieces, towels, basically anything you could find at Target or Walmart get at a discount.

I hope these tips help on your next shopping spree!



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