A Round Up Of My Beauty Favs

AC1D392A-3C43-44EA-B941-E1648CB84FD99EA77C83-B6B9-4F02-BE76-25F7D7410A688B3F5B8C-2F0E-465C-AF89-8B7977128DFFB03D2A0A-6EE1-455B-AEBC-DC9D36F39210A4282F3D-9CD9-4B3D-8F29-C2F0503E7440DC2EF163-972B-4615-BA92-F8CF46800C9BB87E8A00-DB3C-4783-B81C-2A23D329F3B2DEA592FE-D42D-4D1C-A88E-A2CDD698AE3F5F078D52-D96B-4B05-A1C6-17F659FDB68017E7A243-C455-4F13-896F-F0154F9DB32ETonight I have put together a few of my favorite beauty products that are my ride or die, holy grail, oh my goodness can’t live without beauty favs! So first off are the Revlon matte lip colors these are my all time favorite drug store lippy colors, they are long lasting and smell amazing. I buy mine from Walmart because well I go to school in the middle of no where and the closest Ulta is 45 minutes away, also I’m a broke college girl balling on a budget so these $8 lippy colors are A1! Next up is the best eye shadow known to man, Bare Minerals, Nude Beach this eye shadow is so pigmented but not heavy and not to glittery I wear it pretty much everyday because personally I think it’s easy to put on especially if you don’t want to wear eyeliner but still feel glam. Side note I did however drop this eyeshadow this morning all over the floor and cried a little inside. This butter bronzer I got from CVS and  is one of Jaclyn Hill’s favorites and well of course if she tells me to go buy some kind of make up on her YouTube channel I’m sold and have to go get it because she is like the prettiest woman alive. But this bronzer smells AMAZING I have gotten all my friends hooked it’s the best. Next is the snake skin Morphe brush case another recommended product by Jaclyn Hill it keeps your make up brushes clean and won’t mess them up, because you know when you’re traveling and you toss your brushes into a ziplock and then they get all misshaped and then they just don’t work the same. This little box is the answer and it lays flat how cool is that! Another Morphe product is the M439 best foundation brush it blends out your make up so beautifully and gives you a natural cake free finish. LIVE. LOVE. DIE. for this brush (haha). Finally, the Garnier Micellar Water  removes eye make the absolute best and doesn’t burn at all! It helps get rid of any stubborn make up after washing your face and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I hope y’all enjoy some of my favorite things and have a great night!


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