I’m Back!


Hey y’all, sorry I haven’t been as avid about my blog posts this past week but it has been CRAZY here in the creek. Tuesday I got into a car wreck thankfully it was only a fender bender but now I am driving around my mom’s car. But the good part about this week was that my mom came down to school and spent the night with me in the Rosé Vista (what we call our apartment). We went to a great little deli and had lunch and shopped around and got some great stuff for Easter. I also bought the shoes I am wearing for $11 at Belk which made my day because they are Sam Edelman. Loving this warm weather it has me in the spring feels and I am TOTALLY look forward to next week because I have spring break YAY! Anyways I will definitely be more consistent with the posts this coming week and hope everyone has a great Thursday night!


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