What is in my gym bag?


Hoodie and Leggings: Lululemon

Today I am off to the gym getting ready for spring break, a few must haves of mine are always to bring a sweat shirt because I don’t know why but I personally am always cold after a hard work out. I also bring along my favorite pair of Adidas running shoes they are great for lifting weights because they are heavier at the bottom so your ankles don’t turn. My light pink Corkcicle water bottle keeps the water cold and it is easy to keep up with since it is a bright color, I can not tell you how many times I have lost my water bottle at the gym, thankfully I have managed to keep up with this one. Next I throw some body spray and some wet wipes into my bag because I don’t like showering at the gym I think that is kinda gross. This particular body spray is my new favorite scent from Bath & Body Works, its called Champagne Toast. To make sure I am prepared and full of energy before the gym I try and get a good nights rest. In the morning I take the Oily women’s multi vitamin, these are the best vitamins I have ever taken they don’t leave a bad after taste and they are great for your hair and nails. The CeraVe Renewing Cream is just a good face/body lotion to keep in your gym bag to help take off your makeup or to put on your dry hands in the winter. Finally, I aways drink this Protein Primer before hitting the gym, I buy these from Costco and they taste really good. I hope y’all are inspired to hit the gym now, as I write this post I am currently eating a bag of gold fish so maybe this afternoon will be gym time. Have a great day!


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