Forever 21 & Fabulous




Good morning upper east side welcome to your one and only source for the scandouls lives of Manhattan’s elite. Sorry had to slide that GG reference in! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Today’s post is about Forever 21 and how to get a glamed look for cheap. So I went to the mall looking for something to wear to a good friends birthday party. And I always find myself drawn to Forever 21 for “going out clothes” they are cheap and I’m not worried about them getting messed up. But Forever 21 is a scary place especially when you’re OCD and the whole store is always a wreck! The dressing rooms smell weird, clothes are all over the ground, tons of screaming people trying to find a way out of this mad house. Needless to say it’s like entering a jungle the terrain is rough but if you hunt long enough you find good stuff. So I ended up getting the hat in the pictures above because it was so cute and I have been wanting one forever! I also fell in love with several of the purses because I feel like you can never have too many cross body purses. Especially for the summer.

My advise when shopping in Forever 21 is always look for designer dupes so basically anything that looks expensive. Like the loafers for example, I love those! And I would have gotten them but I already have a pair of Clark’s that look just like them! They are a fraction of the price and they still look great. Btw my mom was obsessed with the black flare pants I have on and they were only $5 I also got the navy blue skirt which was only $9 it’s a great place to get clothes if you’re really into trends or just entering the work force. They had tons of blazers in all different colors that would be cute to throw on overs t-shirt.

I hope I have inspired you to embrace the madness of Forever 21, Happy Hunting!


Ulta Haul: all of my favorite go-to’s


All products linked below!

Two Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar: eye shadow pallet

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tow Faced HangoverRx Primer

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder

Two Faced Lip Injections: instantly sexy lips plumping gloss

I am all about trying new foundations and I use different ones depending on the occasion and being a make up hoarder I just enjoy collecting it. This It Cosmetics is one of my favorites for an everyday look it has spf and anti aging properties. I have also tried the It Cosmetics cc cream and I liked it but it’s very light coverage. Perfect for going to the beach or lake! Now the tarte shape tape is my ALL TIME favorite concealer. Nothing compares its perfect to wear alone to cover up blemishes or for a full face. I just started recently using the hangoverrx primer and so far I really like it. It smells nice and it doesn’t clog my pores like most primers do. Now for the lips, the lip injection lip gloss is like nothing I have ever used before when you put it on, your lips tingle and you’re like what the heck is happening. But the results are amazing! It really does plump your lips! The break out powder and eye shadow are both new products that I’m excited to try and have never used before.

Hope y’all enjoyed this haul have a great weekend!


Ballin On A Budget


After taking a poll on instagram y’all voted  for “How to Bargain Shop” I am always hunting for great deals especially at places like TJ Max, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Ross, Tuesday Morning, Goodwill, etc. I always hear from people “Places like that overwhelm me” or “I don’t know how to shop there” or “I can never find anything good in there” and that always amazes me because that’s the first place I will go to shop before ever going to a mall or boutique. My tips for bargain shopping are simple and fun. Shopping at TJ Maxx has saved me so much money just by buying stuff I would get at other places but it’s cheaper. It’s important to understand that theses are the tips I go by, this might not work for everyone. However, I think that using theses shopping techniques anywhere are great.

1. Don’t go into the store for one specific item. This way you won’t be disappointed if you don’t find what you are looking for. Stores like this are limited to merchandise depending on the last time it was stocked.

2.  The best part is getting the “deal.”  For example I have bought several designer purses from there before. I like to google how much the bag originally cost so I can determine if I’m getting a good deal. For me it’s like a game to see how much money I’m saving.

3.  Get a route. When I go into TJ Maxx or Marshall’s I have a specific order to where I go first this way I don’t get overwhelmed. (The first department I go to is the shoes, then I go to the purses, then cosmetics, then home goods, then I make my way into clothes, then I finish off with the phone cases and tech stuff.)

4. Quality and Quantity. You can get a lot of cheap stuff or just a few good pieces. It’s up to you. I have gone in before and bought a whole outfit for $40 or bought one nice banana republic top for $35 the choice is yours. It’s important to buy something that you will actually wear or actually use. Look for trendy pieces that will go out of style that way you aren’t wasting your money on expensive trends. Also look for classics pieces that will never go out of style (designer pieces- name brands). PRO TIP: when buying clothes make sure the material is not made of cheap fabric it can get messed up in the wash.

5. Buy your everyday stuff. Beauty sponges, name brand make up, face wash, body wash, hair brushes, lotion, shampoo&conditioner, gift wrap, cards, home decorative pieces, towels, basically anything you could find at Target or Walmart get at a discount.

I hope these tips help on your next shopping spree!



SPRING into fashion with Piper Sloane

You can now shop Piper Sloane using my discount code RESPLENDENTROSE to receive 15% off your entire purchase!

So thankful for Piper Sloane reaching out to me, the first week I stated my blog this amazing brand wanted to help promote Resplendent Rose. Piper Sloane is a brand new fashion and home catalog that launched a few months ago. I am so excited to be collaborating with them! I can not express how thankful I am to have this opportunity to be part of something so exciting.

Charlotte Tea Dress

This dress is perfect for spring I love the high neck and details. It is super comfy and can go casual or be dressed up. I think this is the perfect transition dress and the white lace is really nice especially for wedding season coming up! (I am wearing a size small for reference)


Charlotte Fit and Flare Dress

This is actually my Easter dress for this year, the material is silky and soft which I LOVE! The dress is very flattering and the color is like a pinky purple its hard to tell in the pictures, but I can’t complain because those are my two favorite colors, so yay!  (I am wearing a size small for reference)


Evie Marbled Statement Ring

I love this ring I am thinking about getting mine monogramed because it is such a perfect statement ring and the face would be perfect for your initials.



Americana Boho Fringe Drops

These earrings are so light weight they don’t hurt your ears and the tassels come in two different colors.


Multi Layer Heart Choker 

I actually got this necklace in silver and gold (gave the other one to my roommate) but the cool part is that the necklace is two separate parts so you can wear them individually or together.


Tess Two Layer Choker 

This necklace I got to wear with the pink flare dress, the necklace is so dainty and it can be worn casual or dressed up.



Once again I just want to give a huge shout out to Piper Sloane I hope y’all go and check them out and help support their business. I want to say thank you to all of my followers your support and love keeps me going! I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!






Dior Forever vs. Estee Lauder Double Wear


So for about the last 4 years I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it was my ride or die everyday foundation and I absolutely loved it (and still do). However, recently it started to oxidize on my skin and break up throughout the day and I would find myself having to constantly re-apply it. It was also a very dehydrating foundation and it was almost impossible to blend with my concealer. The Double Wear is full coverage and heavy on my skin and I was starting to break out a lot. One of my girl friends recently recommended that I should try the Dior Forever foundation. So this past weekend I went to my local Sephora and got mashed for the Dior Forever. Let me just take a moment to say, THIS IS THE BEST FOUNDATION I HAVE EVER USED IN MY LIFE! The coverage is so full and hydrating and it has SPF which is amazing! I still love the Double Wear but I feel like it is more of an event foundation that you would wear out to dinner or a gala or something not and everyday foundation. The Dior is light and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and not gross.



This morning my roommate and I got up at 6AM  (early for some college girlies) and went to the gym and hit the Waffle House after. It is nice to set goals in life especially short term ones that are easy to accomplish. God is always looking after you and wants you to succeed in everything you do!


A Round Up Of My Beauty Favs

AC1D392A-3C43-44EA-B941-E1648CB84FD99EA77C83-B6B9-4F02-BE76-25F7D7410A688B3F5B8C-2F0E-465C-AF89-8B7977128DFFB03D2A0A-6EE1-455B-AEBC-DC9D36F39210A4282F3D-9CD9-4B3D-8F29-C2F0503E7440DC2EF163-972B-4615-BA92-F8CF46800C9BB87E8A00-DB3C-4783-B81C-2A23D329F3B2DEA592FE-D42D-4D1C-A88E-A2CDD698AE3F5F078D52-D96B-4B05-A1C6-17F659FDB68017E7A243-C455-4F13-896F-F0154F9DB32ETonight I have put together a few of my favorite beauty products that are my ride or die, holy grail, oh my goodness can’t live without beauty favs! So first off are the Revlon matte lip colors these are my all time favorite drug store lippy colors, they are long lasting and smell amazing. I buy mine from Walmart because well I go to school in the middle of no where and the closest Ulta is 45 minutes away, also I’m a broke college girl balling on a budget so these $8 lippy colors are A1! Next up is the best eye shadow known to man, Bare Minerals, Nude Beach this eye shadow is so pigmented but not heavy and not to glittery I wear it pretty much everyday because personally I think it’s easy to put on especially if you don’t want to wear eyeliner but still feel glam. Side note I did however drop this eyeshadow this morning all over the floor and cried a little inside. This butter bronzer I got from CVS and  is one of Jaclyn Hill’s favorites and well of course if she tells me to go buy some kind of make up on her YouTube channel I’m sold and have to go get it because she is like the prettiest woman alive. But this bronzer smells AMAZING I have gotten all my friends hooked it’s the best. Next is the snake skin Morphe brush case another recommended product by Jaclyn Hill it keeps your make up brushes clean and won’t mess them up, because you know when you’re traveling and you toss your brushes into a ziplock and then they get all misshaped and then they just don’t work the same. This little box is the answer and it lays flat how cool is that! Another Morphe product is the M439 best foundation brush it blends out your make up so beautifully and gives you a natural cake free finish. LIVE. LOVE. DIE. for this brush (haha). Finally, the Garnier Micellar Water  removes eye make the absolute best and doesn’t burn at all! It helps get rid of any stubborn make up after washing your face and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I hope y’all enjoy some of my favorite things and have a great night!


I’m Back!


Hey y’all, sorry I haven’t been as avid about my blog posts this past week but it has been CRAZY here in the creek. Tuesday I got into a car wreck thankfully it was only a fender bender but now I am driving around my mom’s car. But the good part about this week was that my mom came down to school and spent the night with me in the Rosé Vista (what we call our apartment). We went to a great little deli and had lunch and shopped around and got some great stuff for Easter. I also bought the shoes I am wearing for $11 at Belk which made my day because they are Sam Edelman. Loving this warm weather it has me in the spring feels and I am TOTALLY look forward to next week because I have spring break YAY! Anyways I will definitely be more consistent with the posts this coming week and hope everyone has a great Thursday night!